Silhouette shooting  

    The shooting on metal silhouettes is extraordinarily difficult not only from the technical point of view but also from material point of view.This shooting requires a target range for long distance shooting (from 100m to 500m), expensive steel targets and high quality special arms and accurate and efficient ammunition.

    The principle of shooting is striking the metal silhouettes by short and long hand arms. The rules are not very difficult but compared with traditional sport shooting are specific in many respects. The present international and national rules specify 10 categories for short arms: 4 for bigbore, 4 for smallbore and 2 for field pistols. Long arms have 2 categories for smallbore rifles and 2 categories for bigbore rifles.

    The shooting positions are shooting standing or freestyle (free position, kneeling, sitting, standing etc.). In the freestyle position shooters most frequently use the position lying on the back with legs in direction towards targets, and the hand holding the arm is leaning against the leg. In the position standing the arm may be held with one or both hands, however, the arm holding the arm must not touch other parts of the body between the wrist and the shoulder.

     The target situation in the target range is formed by four target lines in different distances for particular silhouettes of animals and birds. Each line is formed by groups of the same ten silhouettes standing side by side on the flat mat. Shooting consists of the series of five shots from left to right, one shot on each silhouette. 

    The time limit for the series of five shots is two minutes (+ 30 seconds for loading), the time limit for rifle is 2 : 30 (+ 30 seconds for loading). From the shooter´s view there are silhouettes of chickens on the first line, on the second line those of pigs, on the third line turkeys and on the fourth line the silhouettes of rams. The distance of targets depends on the shooting category. The total number of hits is 40.

    The rules for arms and ammunition are specified by relevant parameters for particular categories. It is specific for this sport that even in competitions such as World Championship, European Championship etc., the results of shooters of A and B classes are separately announced in addition to absolute winners. This means that also the beginner shooter may participate in European and World competitions and pit their strength against those of equal qualification. The results of men and women are evaluated together, and sometimes the competition for juniors is organized (World Championship)

    Since the year 1993 CzMSSA has been arranging the National Championship.

    In 1998, 2005 and 2009 CzMSSA organized the European Championships.


    Australian Iain Yule in the creedmore position shooting his gun Hammerli 120 

      In prone shooting with Picra revolver


Standing shooting with Picra pistol