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     My name is Petra Rouhová, I am 28 years old and I come from the town of Slaný, the Czech Republic. I am a member of the Czech Shooters Association CzMSSA. I have mingled with shooters in the range since my childhood because the whole family is engaged in this sport.

    My mum Kateřina Rouhová is a very succesfull Czech shooter. She has got many medals and cups from various Czech and foreign competitions. In the year 2006 she became the World champion in the most difficult discipline – Standing (SBS) in South Africa.

     My dad Stanislav Rouha is our spotter (= the person standing behind the shooter on the firing line provided with binoculars and announcing the impact of the shots. He should check the accuracy of the recorded results of a shooter) and at the same time supplying us with ammunition.

     My grandmother Jana Švarcová was also a successful shooter. At the present time she is a referee of the sport shooting (unfortunately not of the metallic silhouettes). 

    I have been shooting since 2005. In fact, it was purely by chance. I tried a competition in shoot lying, and to my surprise, I shot a good result. In the same year there was a European Championship in the Czech Republic and I was placed 2nd in SBR (class B). It is interesting – I had never shot from a revolver, it was for the first time and so successful. 

    In the year 2007 another European Championship was held, this time in Germany. Here, I won a gold medal in SBS (class A) and I shot my personal record.

    However, I regard the most successful competition the European Championship 2009 which was  organized again in  the Czech Republic. My stable results in the Czech Cup helped me to become a member of the smallbore team. This was a great responsibility for me. We were placed a wonderful 2nd in Europe and 3rd in the World Cup. In the individual competition I was placed 1st in the SBP competition and became the European Champion, and at the same time, I was 1st in the World Cup. 

     More information in the section: My achievements